Felipe J.K. Lara Leyva

Felipe Lara
Felipe J.K. Lara

Mechatronic Engineering Co-founder, President and C.T.O. of Verstand Labs. Partner at grva DCA – CINVESTAV and the World Champion robotics: team DotMX.




  • F. Lara Leyva, A. Auada Espinola. Image processing and analysis for humanoid robot soccer players. Proceedings of the XII Mexican Congress of Robotics (CoMRob), 2010.


  • Andrew Espinola, Tetyana Baydyk, Ernst Kussul, Felipe Lara Calibration of camera settings to not Affect the Thresholds of segmentation in a task in an environment of Performed changing illumination 1st. Instrumentationand International Congress on Applied Sciences, 2010


  • Hunter ME Sánchez, Lara FJK Leyva, R. Lemon Cisneros, JM Ibarra Mechanical design and kinematic Zannatha analysis of the humanoid robot AH1N1 21st.International Conference on Electronics, IEEE Communications and Computers (CONIELECOMP), 2011


  • Zannatha JM Ibarra, R. Lemon Cisneros, AD Gomez Sanchez, LE Figueroa Medina, Lara FJK Leyva, Monocular visual self-localization for humanoid soccer robots 21st. International Conference on Electronics, IEEE Communications and Computers (CONIELECOMP), 2011


  • Lara FJK humanoid robot Leyva Development of H1N1 KHABELIX 2011 5th platform. Workshop GTH (AMRob), February 2011



Second Day of the Entrepreneur 2012

Segundo día del emprendedor WTC

Lara Felipe Leyva

Clausura Felipe Lara, Segundo día del emprendedor WTC


IT Week conference, University of London

The Future of Robotics and Automation

Felipe Lara @Universidad de Londres,

AVDK @Universidad de Londres



8 ° Health Week National Polytechnic Institute

Technical Vision and Mobile Robotics applied to medicine

The man from ancient times has generated anthropomorphic machines to solve problems of daily life, was not different in the past century industrial robotics and in this new stage of research in humanoid robots, we find answers for the generation of robotic exoskeletons and orthoses tools, tele-operation and other types of surgeries assisted techniques generated through machine vision and robotics, giving a solution to the quality of life of people with a disability.

International Congress Ingeniumg Guadalajara 2011

Marist University of Guadalajara

Introduction to embedded systems, alternatives and differences with general purpose computers.

The conference focuses on the use of embedded systems in everyday life and their use in research, applications of machine vision and other sensing systems used in robotics.



MIT MediaLab

MIT Medialab Nexi Felipe Lara

Nexi’s head and face Were Xitome designed by Design with MIT. The expressive robotics started sporting Mechanism With A neck 4 Degrees of Freedom (DoF) at the base, plus pan-tilt-yaw of the head itself. The Mechanism Has Been Constructed to time the Movements So They mimic human speed.

Nexi’s face Has Been Designed to use gaze, eyebrows, and an articulate mandible Eyelids to Communicate with Greater Range of Different emotions.


Mexico 2011 Campus Party

Vision, the future of robotics and automation

Campus Party Felipe Lara

Felipe Lara @Campus Party Mexico 2011

Campus Party Felipe Lara  Campus Party Felipe Lara Campus Party Felipe Lara


Research carried out for years on issues of mobile robotics and autonomous robots, has reached its most anticipated: thanks to its use in commercial applications, it is possible to interact with them, day by day. In this lecture we show the vision for the future of automation, exposing trends and technological tools that allow the arrival of autonomous systems to tasks of daily living.

http://www.verstand.com.mx/es/verstand-labs-% C2% AE-robotics-consultants-at-campus-party-mexico-2011 /



Entrepreneurship @ La Salle University

Adrian Gilbert Auditorium La Salle University, Engineering Week

Entrepreneurship @ La Salle University

Lara Felipe Leyva

Entrepreneurship @ La Salle University

Felipe Lara Verstand Entrepreneurship Felipe Lara


Anniversary UPSIN June, Polytechnic University of Sinaloa, Mazatlan.

Laboratory Robotics and Vision


Machine Vision Course

Aimed at academics and researchers, the course was taught by Felipe Lara along with Dr. Juan Manuel Ibarra Zannatha Department of Automatic Control Research Center and Advanced Studies of IPN, as part of celebrations to commemorate 6 years of University Politécnica de Sinaloa

The course was carried out on the platform of Verstand AVDK Labs




CONIELECOMP 2011, 21st International Conference on Electrical, Communications, and Computers,

28 February – 2 March 2011, Cholula, Puebla, Mexico. IEEE 2011

http://www.informatik.uni-trier.de/ ~ ley/db/conf/conielecomp/conielecomp2011.html

First day of the entrepreneur First day of the entrepreneur

Mexican Congress of Robotics

Autonomous University of Sinaloa, article submission and workshop machine vision with OpenCV

Mexican Congress of robotics Mexican Congress of robotics

Awards, Day 1 of the Entrepreneur 2011



First day of the entrepreneur First day of the entrepreneur


Artificial vision workshop

Mexico 2010 Campus Party

First Lady of Mexico Mexico campus party

First Lady of Mexico


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