Mexico makes history again in the UK in football, but now, with autonomous humanoids robots

Mexico wins the first place in robotics Olympics held in Bristol UK in the United Soccer category, this has being the first time that Mexico won in an international competition of humanoid robots.

The team is called DotMX, and is composed of the Universidad Politecnica de Sinaloa, the company Verstand Labs and two of the most important research centers in Mexico: Department of Automatic Control CINVESTAV – IPN and the Institute of Research in Applied Mathematics and Systems UNAM

27 teams from around the world participated in these Olympics held in Bristol UK, were one of the organizer is the Bristol Robotics Laboratory, which is  the biggest laboratory in Europe.

This award has not been easy, and can’t be granted to only one Mexican institution, but a set of actions carried out directly or indirectly by companies and public and private institutions that have forged the technological basis to achieve the success:

CINVESTAV – IPN, UNAM, UPSIN, VERSTAND LABS, La Salle University and of course, the

Diéz Morodo foundation, who was our sponsor at the beginning of the team.

DotMX is conformed of a large number of students, researchers and contributors from these institutions, who carry out research projects in parallel. Listed below are the names of the developers of the technology that participated in this competition.

Dr.  Juan Manuel Ibarra Zannatha

Dr.  Adalberto Llarena

Dr.  Alejandro Malo Tamayo

Ing. Felipe Lara Leyva

Luis Samahí García

Mauro Santoyo Mora

Ing. Abner Quiroz Clemente

Ing. Ignacio López Peñaloza

Ing. Manuel Hunter Sánchez

Ing. Adrián Ortiz Alexis Olvera


Robotica en Fira Bristol

Robotica en Fira Bristol


Alejandro Malo, Luis Samai,  Carissa Marina (BotSport), Felipe Lara, Adalberto Llarena

Campeones Mexicanos participantes en Fira

Fira Bristol Teams



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