The Artificial Vision Development Kit is based on embedded systems technology, with its own development platform is possible to develop and implement mobile computer vision applications, providing cognitive capabilities to machines to perform operations that humans usually do and allowing the creation of autonomous systems instead of just automated systems

This is a low cost portable device of the size of a hand that integrates a camera and a computer through an open source operating system (Khabelix-OS), which allows anyone with basic programming knowledge to generate autonomous controlled systems based in the processing, interpretation and intelligent analysis of visual information captured by the camera, these procedures are compared with the tasks done by human operators in some industrial processes using their experience, judgment and senses. Thus, our device is capable to “autonomize” practically any task due to the implementation of cognitive and computational capabilities in systems that require to be self-adapted and self-organized, and not just systems related to robotic industry, but also biomedical evaluations, face recognition, 3D mapping and surface analysis just to mention.

The hardware is made up of the latest technology in processing and  high efficiency, currently used in smartphones, tablets and netbooks, and also is possible to communicate the AVDK with  any electronic device or control peripheral, through the  communication protocols most used in the industry.

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